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  1. Access premade sections

  2. Account email notifications

  3. Add a document list

  4. Add a Profile Photo in Salesforce

  5. Add a video

  6. Add image to the gallery

  7. Add new assets to the library

  8. Add text sections

  9. Add/Delete a location map

  10. Admin Role

  11. Analytics and Visit Notifications

  12. Analytics and Visit Notifications

  13. Change your contact information

  14. Change your headshot photo

  15. Change your login password

  16. Change your social links

  17. Connecting Salesforce to SendSites

  18. Create a new page

  19. Create a new page

  20. Creating a SendSite in Salesforce

  21. Default BCC

  22. Delete a draft

  23. Delete a page from the dashboard

  24. Delete a section

  25. Delete a template

  26. Deleting assets

  27. Edit from the dashboard

  28. Formatting photo sections

  29. Formatting URL

  30. How do I add a BCC in SendSites?

  31. How do I add users to my account?

  32. How do I create merge fields in the invite emails?

  33. How do I edit existing users?

  34. How do I log in/log out?

  35. How do I send a page to multiple people?

  36. How do I set a default BCC?

  37. How to add "Read more" functionality

  38. How to add a bulleted list

  39. How to add a link

  40. How to add a numbered list

  41. How to add and format tables

  42. How to add personalization fields

  43. How to bold, italicize, and underline text

  44. How to Connect to Delphi.fdc

  45. How to insert a horizontal line

  46. How to save a draft

  47. How to save a section

  48. How to save an existing or new template

  49. Invite from dashboard

  50. Manually Updating Analytics in Salesforce

  51. Move a Section

  52. Multi-Send and Sending on Behalf of Colleagues

  53. New Features | "Read-More" and Image Auto-Crop

  54. Organize dashboard

  55. Organize sections into folders

  56. Organizing Asset Library

  57. Overview of Sendsites for Salesforce

  58. Page analytics and event stream

  59. Page email notifications

  60. Page visit notifications

  61. PDF version of the page

  62. Photo sections

  63. Placeholder

  64. Preview my page

  65. Profile

  66. Profile email notifications

  67. Putting assets in folders

  68. Rename a draft

  69. Reply - Forward - Print

  70. Reporting emails

  71. Retrieve work after accidentally closing the page

  72. Saving Templates and Sections

  73. Send through my own email

  74. Send through our system

  75. SendSites December Webinar

  76. SendSites for Salesforce Installation Guide

  77. Simple Editing Techniques

  78. Using a Custom Domain for Your SendSites

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