Using a Custom Domain for Your SendSites

NOTE: We are happy to do this process for you, if you can provide login credentials for your domain registry.

Using a Custom Domain for Your SendSites

By default, your SendSites web address follow the format:

So, if your account name is Acme, your SendSite urls will look like this:

Custom SendSites URL

It's possible to setup a custom url (vanity url), like:

There are a couple requirements to use a custom URL:
  1. You must own the domain
  2. You must have access to manage the DNS - through your registrar
  3. The domain cannot be in use hosting an existing website
Setting Up a Custom SendSites URL

1. Update Your DNS

Update your DNS to redirect your chosen aliased URL (e.g.: to using a CNAME record.

Host                  Point To                                                 TTL
www                   3600

2. Forward the non-www to the CNAME record you just created.

Many domain registries offer basic forwarding for free, but some charge a small fee. Create a forward with a 301 redirect point it to the www version that you just created.

Forward To                                      Redirect                            TTL       301 (Permanent)              Forward Only (no masking)

3. Let Us Know When This is Done

Send us an email at when you have completed steps 1 and 2, then we will make the final changes on our side to activate the new customer domain.

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