Add a Profile Photo in Salesforce

Adding a personal profile photograph increases the effectiveness of SendSites. Your communications are instantly more personal and authentic in ways generic communications cannot approach.

It important that the photo you choose is one that you are comfortable presenting AND is appropriate for the type of relationship you hope to establish with your SendSites communications.

1. Select SendSites App View

Login to Salesforce, then choose the SendSites view from the dropdown menu at the top right.

2. Select The SendSites Profile Tab

Click the My Profile Tab.

3. Upload and Save Your Profile Photo

Scroll down to the Profile section of the page. Then, use the Choose File button to browse to your computer and pick a suitable photo.

Once you've selected a photo, click the Upload button. This will load the photo into the preview area.

Finally, click the Save button to complete the process.  

This photo is now active for ALL SendSites you create and have created in the past.

Tips On Choosing a Good Profile Photo

When choosing a profile photo, think about your audience. Your photo is a representation of the kind of relationship you hope to establish or continue. Your photo is also a visual representation of your organization, products and services. Make sure the quality of the image is good.

SendSites accepts any orientation, but a square seems to work best.

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