SendSites for Salesforce Installation Guide

SendSite is available on the Salesforce AppExchange here.

Installation Requirements

Salesforce Professional, Enterprise, or Performance Edition
Salesforce administrative access
Existing SendSites user account


1. Navigate to the AppExchange listing and click Get It Now, or go to a provided installation URL.

2.  On the package installation details page, click the Continue or Upgrade button.

3.  Grant access to the SendSites service in the Third Party Access prompt and click Next.

4.  Approve Package API access, click Next.

5.  (Enterprise & Performance) Choose security access level. Grant access to all users is recommended for SendSites, but you can also grant access to your specific Profiles. Click Next.

6.  Click Install and wait for installation confirmation page. In some cases, you might receive a message that the install will continue in the background and you will receive an email when completed.


Once the SendSites app has been installed, you need to configure the app to work within your instance of Salesforce.
1. Contacts
a. Go to the Contact layout page (Customize > Contact > Page Layout)    

b. Edit one or more layouts for use with SendSites.

c.  Buttons/Actions
i. Place the New SendSite button in the Custom buttons section of the layout.

ii. If using Salesforce1, place the New SendSite action into the Publisher Actions section of the layout.

d. Related List
i.  Place the SendSites related list onto the page layout in the desired location.

ii. Edit the related list properties by clicking on the wrench icon

1. Select the fields to be displayed in the related list and move over to selected section.

Page Name (added by default)
b.    Link – private link code and link to a non-tracked view of the SendSite
c.    Page Template – name of page template used
d.    Created Date – date the page was created
e.    Visited – checked if page was visited
f.     Last Visited – date of last visit
g.    Engagement – level of recent engagement

2. Customize to sort by Created Date in Descending order.

3. In the Buttons section of the related list properties deselect the New checkbox option and move over the New SendSite button to the Select Buttons column.

4. Click Save at the top of the screen, and choose to override personal settings.

2. Leads

a. Go to the Lead Layout page (Customize > Lead > Page Layout)
b. Repeat steps after 1.b

Set SendSites Account

As the Salesforce admin, you need to set the SendSites account to which you want to connect. This is done once and applies to all SendSites users on your account.

1. Navigate to the SendSites view using the app drop-down menu at the top right of your Salesforce page. This displays all the options for SendSites.

2. Choose the My Profile tab.

3. Under Account Details, enter the name of your SendSites account, then click Save. This is the beginning part of your SendSites accont login URL E.g. {account-name}

That's it! You are ready to add your account credentials and start using SendSites.

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