How to add a link

  • First, place your cursor within a section's text block by clicking where you want the link to go 
  • Then, click on the link icon (4th from the left) on the top blue edit bar of the section
  • or if you want to turn already typed text into a link, highlight the text and click on the link icon (5th icon from the left) when a blue bar appears

  • A blue box will appear once you click on the link icon
  • To link out to a website: paste a URL and edit the text that will link out - then click insert 
  • or to link out to a document, click on the folder icon which take you to the document library
  • You can select a document in the library or click on "Add New" if you want to add a document from your computer

  • Once inserted into the page, hover over the link 
  • To test the link, click on the first icon 
  • To edit a link click on the second icon


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