Knowledge Base

  1. Creating & Editing 

    1. How to add a link
    2. How to add a bulleted list
    3. How to add a numbered list
    4. How to add and format tables
    5. How to add personalization fields
  2. Recorded Webinars 

    1. New Features | "Read-More" and Image Auto-Crop
    2. Saving Templates and Sections
    3. Organizing Asset Library
    4. Analytics and Visit Notifications
    5. Simple Editing Techniques
  3. Saving Your Work 

    1. How to save a section
    2. How to save a draft
    3. How to save an existing or new template
  4. Profile Information 

    1. Change your login password
    2. Change your headshot photo
    3. Change your contact information
    4. Change your social links
    5. Default BCC
  5. Dashboard 

    1. PDF version of the page
    2. Edit from the dashboard
    3. Invite from dashboard
    4. Create a new page
    5. Page visit notifications
  6. Templates, History and Drafts 

    1. Create a new page
    2. Delete a template
    3. Delete a draft
    4. Rename a draft
    5. Organize sections into folders
  7. Edit Mode 

    1. Move a Section
    2. Delete a section
    3. Access premade sections
    4. Add image to the gallery
    5. Add a document list
  8. Invite: Sending a Page 

    1. How do I send a page to multiple people?
    2. How do I create merge fields in the invite emails?
    3. How do I add a BCC in SendSites?
    4. How do I set a default BCC?
    5. Send through our system
  9. Email Notifications 

    1. Page email notifications
    2. Profile email notifications
    3. Account email notifications
  10. Library 

    1. Add new assets to the library
    2. Putting assets in folders
    3. Deleting assets
  11. SendSites for Salesforce 

    1. SendSites for Salesforce Installation Guide
    2. Connecting Salesforce to SendSites
    3. Overview of Sendsites for Salesforce
    4. Creating a SendSite in Salesforce
    5. Add a Profile Photo in Salesforce
  12. Advanced 

    1. Using a Custom Domain for Your SendSites
  13. All articles 

    1. How do I add users to my account?
    2. SendSites for Salesforce Installation Guide
    3. Using a Custom Domain for Your SendSites
    4. Page email notifications
    5. How do I send a page to multiple people?

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