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Overwriting my own work ~

per code push EOB 06/04, top nav [ Create | Edit | Invite ] supports statefully traversing the actions, in the context in-which the user entered.

- If from the dashboard [ New Page ] button, all active work and any loaded templates are cleared, initially.
- if from an "Edit Page" link, the last published content block is loaded from the pURL and moved into "Edit".

Allowing navigation forward and backward in the flow - offers accessibility and usability. The only caveat, is that [ Create ] is destructive, post user [ Edit ].

To remedy, a alert needs to be shown to the user indicating that by selecting an option on [ Create ], either "Company Templates" or "Prior Projects" - they may loose any current held work.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. create -> select Template
2. edit -> make some changes.
3. click create from the top menu, create -> select Template (destroys edit and loads new template)

Sometimes a desirable effect / sometimes not.


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